UPDATE. Kyle Sajban

New photos added to Kyle's portfolio.
Kyle takes walk ins Sunday, Monday, Thursday Friday and Saturday.  He is also available for appointments on a limited basis every Thursday and Saturday.  

We are getting the band back together

Danny Mirro will be back in Buffalo at Hand Of Doom taking walk ins for one day, Friday August  8th.  Get there early, you wont want to miss this 

Marcus Mancini

Marcus joined our team a little over a year ago and has been quietly knocking it out of the park here in Buffalo.  we just updated his portfolio in the artist section with a sample of some of the stuff he's been doing over the past 12 months.

Marcus takes appointments; Monday Thursday and Friday

He takes walk ins Tuesday and Saturday


12 New Photos from Josh Schlageter

A dozen new rippers from Hand Of Dooms own, Josh Schlageter.    Josh works Monday through Saturday and takes walk ins on Wednesday.

Celebrate Independence Day.

Today hand of doom will be closed to celebrate the independence of our great country as well as the single greatest moment in will smiths acting career.  




We will open up with normal hours tomorrow.  


Oh, and watch for big updates from josh Marcus and maybe even me.  



Welcome Mr. Kyle Sajban

The newest edition to our team has finally made it to the website, take a moment and check him out.